If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability.

Henry Ford, American captain of industry and a business magnate


how to mix bitcoins Among modern methods of online payment, Bitcoin system took quite high stand. Few years ago only computer enthusiasts, who had moved ideas of payment systems decentralization in society, knew about Bitcoin; but today this subject is on everyone’s lips. Not a single day goes without news from Bitcoin world. Big stores and services start to accept Bitcoin payments. At this stage of development and implementation in the commercial world, Bitcoin can fully replace not only PayPal, for example, but all the bank payment system (for average users). But many of you will ask whether it makes sense to replace usual system with different new one? The answer is obvious: it is anonymity. By means, defined below, you will learn how to transfer your funds in the system anonymously. Worrying that malefactors will learn about your online-savings and start hunting? Or marijuana is illegal in your state and you decided to buy it on the internet? Probably, you have something to hide? Bitcoin and its anonymous transactions, which are actually impossible to track, can help with that. I don’t urge you to break the law of your country in this article, just use it as a manual for security and anonymity in the world of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin mixers will help you to protect yourself against undesirable financial supervision.

Bitcoin Anonymity

This cryptocurrency is not anonymous without using stated methods of bitcoin tumbling:

There are few ways of cryptocurrency tumbling in order to avoid tracking of funds and to break the chain of transactions. All of them work in such way: funds of sender break into pieces. Then these parts are mixed with similar parts of other users at random. To avoid tracking by amount, the coins can be distributed to few different addresses.